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What we do


Here you can find the best treadmills, exercise bicycles, inertial measurement systems, and more from leading manufacturers around the world.

Sports Science

Accurate results come from great technology that is easy to use. Spiroergometry, ECG, and video analysis are included in our available solutions.


We have the best technology whether you want to accurately monitor vital signs or determine anthroplogical measurements including bone density and body composition.

Technical Support

Technical Support is never far away. Whatever the problem we will find a solution that gets you up and running again as soon as possible with minimal disruption to your operations

Who we are

Twenty years delivering solutions to a wide range of clients throughout New Zealand. It's always a pleasure to deliver the best to the best.
Ken Marment
Long time technologist with a wide breath of experience. I enjoy working with people to bring the best technology to deliver the best outcomes to the best people.
Dr Philip Shambrook
Product Specialist